Introducing Our MochaPet Team

Our team is one of the most important part of what keeps our business going. We are so happy to have such a friendly, well-trained staff here at the store that are able to educate others about caring for animals. Each of our employees play a crucial part in keeping our store clean and organized, and most importantly keeping all of our pets happy and healthy!



Meet Josh! Josh has been a part of our team since April of 2015. He started as a kennel technician, but has since worked his way up to a manager. He knows a lot about all areas of the store, and he is always goes above and beyond to make our customers happy!


Kyle- Manager

Meet our manager, Kyle! Kyle joined our team in November of 2014 as a sales associate and has since worked his way up to management. He is super helpful and knowledgable in all areas of the store, but he particularly specializes in fish and reptiles! He works very hard every day to make sure our fish are perfect and our shelves are stocked. We made sure his coffee cup was in the picture, because you might not recognize him without it.

Hannah- Sales Associate/Social Media Manager

Meet Hannah! Hannah has been a sales associate with us since March of 2016. Along with working the floor in sales, she also runs our Facebook, Instagram, website, and weekly radio ad. Be careful, she might ask to take your picture with an adorable animal!


Troy- Fish and Reptiles Sales Associate

Meet Troy! Troy has been a part of our team since August of 2016. He specializes in fish and reptiles. He is knowledgable in all aspects of the store but he is great person to ask if you have reptile questions! Plus, his reptile collection is pretty impressive.

Lee-Kennel Technician

Meet Lee! Lee joined the MochaPet team in July of 2017 as a kennel techinician. He is a very friendly guy who helps behind the scenes to keep our kennels nice and clean and our puppies healthy. Lee is also an Army veteran, so if you ever see him around thank him for his service in our military! We're happy to have such a true hardworker on the kennel team.


Abby- Fish and Reptiles Sales Associate

Meet Abby! Abby joined the MochaPet team in May of 2017. She has a passion for all animals, but particularly reptiles! She's like an encyclopedia of reptile facts, and helps keep our reptile section up to par!

Scott-Sales Associate

Meet Scott! Scott joined our team in July of 2017 after relocating back from living in China! He has a lot of previous pet store experience, so he is a great addition to our team. He's very knowledgable and ready to answer any of your questions on our pets!
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