Mocha's Story

  • Mocha's Story

    The name MochaPet derived from the MochaPet founders’ purebred German Shepherd, Mocha Nova. Mocha is 9 years old and she is the...

Local Breeders

  • Local Breeders

    At MochaPet, we strive to set our store apart, and to be the number one provider of healthy puppies. One way we do this, is by working with only...

Rescue Kittens

  • Rescue Kittens

    We have helped rescue over 200 kittens since opening as most of our kittens are adopted in the store through a rescue program.

Happily ever after

  • Happily ever after

    Pics of our loyal customers with their new best friends!

News and Events

Tip of the Month Tip of the Month Does your pet seem to be constantly itching, losing hair, or biting at their feet? While there can be many underlying causes, usually this issue is due to a food allergy. Try switching your pet to a grain-free diet. Providing the proper diet to a pet with allergies has the ability to turn the issue around. We offer a large selection of grain free foods and fits any budget, and satisfies picky eaters.

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