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Where Do We Get Our Pets?

Our pets come from trusted local breeders and suppliers. We take pride in getting our animals from safe and secure places! Have a question about a specific pet? Just ask!

How To Recognize Anxiety in Your Pet

Do you think your dog could have anxiety? Some of the most common signs of pet anxiety are barking and howling more than normal, frequent attempts at escaping, shaking, hiding or tucking of the tail, excessive energy/aggression, and overly licking and biting at themselves. A dog can have anxiety for many reasons. Some may just be nervous in nature, and some may have a past of abuse, abandonment, lack of socialization or they may even have an underlying illness. It may seem frustrating when your dog is behaving in this way, but the main way to help them is to stay calm yourself. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, play with them, get them an anxiety jacket, and practice separation with your dog. You can even consider doggy daycare and medication with them. Over time, your dog should build trust with you and it should help the anxiety!

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